Get Work Done Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

When you spend a lot of time on a computer you may find yourself wishing there was a faster way to get your work done.

That’s one of the reasons I started coding. It gave me a way to tell computers how to do my work for me so I could spend my time elsewhere.

Anytime you’re using a program on your computer or a web app online there are going to be keyboard shortcuts available that can speed up your workflow.

Here are some shortcuts I use every day.

(These shortcuts are for a PC, but they work on a Mac with the Cmd key instead of Ctrl.)


Ctrl + C = copy the highlighted text

Ctrl + V = paste the text you copied

Ctrl + X = cut the highlighted text

Home = move the blinky line to the beginning

End = move the blinky line to the end

Ctrl + Backspace = delete a whole word

Ctrl + B = bold the highlighted text

Ctrl + I = italicize the highlighted text

Ctrl + U = underline the highlighted text

Ctrl + S = save what you’re working on

Ctrl + Z = undo what you just did

Ctrl + A = select everything


Tab = move to the next box

Shift + Tab = move back to the previous box

Chrome Browser

Ctrl + R = refresh the browser

Ctrl + W = close the tab

Ctrl + Shift + I = open the element inspector

Ctrl + U = view the webpage source code

Ctrl + T = open a new tab

Ctrl + N = open a new window

Ctrl + Shift + N = open a new private window