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When you're trying to launch a new website and everything is going wrong

Can I hire you to help me set up this pedal tours website? I’m hitting numerous issues and can’t figure out what is happening haha

Let's do it

Sweet. When can ya meet?

Now works

We're close by and ready to go

Let us help you launch your new site in minutes instead of months

When you want someone local to update your site and keep it moving forward

What a splendid job you have done on our website! So glad you were hired. There are a few corrections which have been on my "to do list" with respect to editing. I appreciate if you could make these changes.

Page updated. 🙂

You are so responsive and efficient.

Site upgrades are our specialty

Faster load times. Search engine optimization. Shopping carts. The sky is the limit.

When you have an event coming up and need to get your tickets online ASAP

Hey there , I completely forgot the other day . here is poster for the event , if you can help me put it on the front page of the website please

The website is updated and the online ticket orders are ready to go. 🙂

You are so fast.

You (and your website) are important to us

We're here to make sure your website stays current and fresh.

When hackers find a way into your website and make a mess everywhere

I went to the website and happened to notice a hyperlink at the bottom of the page. I have no idea why its there but it seems possible there may be others hidden elsewhere. I've never seen this sort of thing before - very weird.

Man.. this was a big mess, but I think I got it all cleaned up.

Thank you for fixing the website!!!

We'll keep your website backed up and secure

Whether your website gets messed up by a hacker or a newbie, we can get it back to normal.

When the menus on your site are acting up and you can't figure out why

Thank you so much again for helping us last night. That literally would have taken me years to figure out haha. I was blown away by your expertise and you are now my go to guy for website stuff and definitely will be my first recommendation to anyone needing help.

I'm glad I could help. 🙂

Who you gonna call?

There's no telling when a website will start acting up. We're on standby..

When the text on your site keeps switching to a font that makes you cringe

My fonts won't stay the way I set them up. Can you take a look and see why it's acting weird?

I figured out what was going on.

My hero! Thanks for saving me from the embarrassment of comic sans.

I got your back. 😉

We'll keep you looking good

Great photos and modern fonts can do wonders for a website.

When you send in a request and want to make sure someone got it

Subject: Help Help

Received. 🙂

Just a little feedback…I know it’s not that big of a thing, but I really appreciate it when you send back this little “received” email so that I know for sure you are “on it.” It eases my mind. You are awesome!


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