How to Get Paid Online

First thing you’ll need is a bank account so the money can be sent to you.

I currently use BBVA for my business checking account because it’s free and doesn’t have a minimum required balance.

Next I would sign up for PayPal and Stripe.

PayPal will let you send invoices and give people the option to use PayPal Credit financing so you can get the full amount right away, but they get more time to pay it off.

One annoyance I have with PayPal is that they require you to login and manually transfer money into your checking account.

I’ve also heard horror stories from people who had their accounts disabled and their money blocked from being transferred.

Stripe is good for connecting to all kinds of software and services. It seems like everything works with Stripe. I like using Gravity Forms on my WordPress sites and connecting them to Stripe for online order forms and subscriptions.

They automatically transfer payments to your checking account, but when you sign up the first payments you get will take longer to transfer because Stripe will need to make sure you’re not doing anything risky.

You can also make multiple Stripe accounts for different purposes. Like if you wanted to keep track of money coming in for your business and then another for payments made for a book you published.

The next place I would sign up is Wave. This is a good place for sending one-time and recurring invoices for free (unlike Quickbooks Online). You can also make payment landing pages to send people to where they can pay for products and services you specify beforehand.

It can also keep track of your bills and accounting stuff for free, but I don’t really use them for that (although I wish I did because they’re free).

Two other places you can get paid online would be Shopify if you want to start an online store and Gumroad if you want to sell digital products.

I’ve also been seeing this new site called Locals where you can have a community of people that follow you and pay to consume premium content you create.

I think it’s kinda like Patreon, but better.

You can also use Substack to create an online newsletter that people can pay to subscribe to.

Just need that bank account and then try all the options to see which one works for you.