"What's your hourly rate?"

We don't exactly have an hourly rate because the type of work we do can change every hour.

Sometimes it's writing code and other times we're just switching out a picture.

Whatever the request, we want to make sure it's done well, on time and under budget.

We currently use a tiered pricing structure to make that possible..


$50 = quick fix (less than 15min)

Usually text or picture updates are quick which is why if you send us a small todo list we can usually knock it out in 15min.


$150 = small project (less than 1hr)

When we start talking about laying out a full page, creating a large form or adding something custom, that usually takes a little longer, then we bump it up to the small project tier.


$500 = developer session (less than 4hr)

Larger projects get put into developer sessions where we try to make something usable within a 4 hour time block. This gives you a way to make progress and keep costs manageable.


We realize this may not answer all the questions you have about how much something will cost or how long it will take, but this is what we currently use to determine the rate per request.

Our goal is to keep your projects moving forward and this is the best way we've found to do that (so far).

If you have any questions or want to get a quote for your next project please feel free to contact us.

Last updated: April 21, 2020