Questions to Ask Before Building Your Next Website

Who are you making this website for?

What are you trying to help them with?

What’s the ONE action you want them to take before they leave?

What benefits do they get for taking this action?

What results have others experienced after they took action?

What questions do they need answered before taking action?

Do you have options for people who aren’t ready to take action yet?
(Blog posts? Podcasts? Videos?)

Do you have options for people who are more than ready?
(Upsells? Subscriptions? Coaching?)

Do you have a way for people to pay you online?

Do you have a mailing list that people can join?

Do you have any social media accounts where people can share your stuff?

How do you want people to contact you?
(Phone number? Email address? Mailing address?)

Do you have a logo?
(Does it look good horizontally?)

Do you have an icon?
(Does it look good in a circle or when really small?)

Do you have any colors that go with you brand?

Do you have any fonts that go with your brand?

Do you have a domain name?
(Do you know how to access the settings for it?)

Do you have a web host?
(Is it GoDaddy? Please don’t say it’s GoDaddy..)

Do you have any sites that inspire you?
(What are they doing that moves you?)

Do you have someone who can write your content?

Do you have someone who can take good pictures?

Do you have someone who can make graphics?

Do you have someone who can keep your website updated?

Do you have someone who can take care of the techy stuff?
(SSL certificates, DNS records, site caching, pixel codes..)

Have you researched what people are searching for on Google to find you?

Do you have a way to keep track of how many people are visiting each page on your website?

Do you have a way to measure how many people are taking action?

Are you planning to run ads on Google, Facebook or some other channel?