How to Create Email Addresses with Your Domain Name

You launch a brand new website with beautifully shot photographs and content that was carefully crafted over weeks of sleepless nights.

Visitors are pouring in from all over the place to view your masterpiece and as they scroll to the bottom of the page to find your email address so they can send you an email about the amazing work you’ve done they find this..

Send me an email at:

[email protected]


Not good.

Every website should have it’s own email address to match.

There are two ways to make this happen.

1. Email forwarders

An email forwarder lets you set up an email address with your website’s domain name and then whenever someone sends a message it will be forwarded to another email provider.

[email protected] >>> [email protected]

This is usually the fastest way to get a professional looking email and most of the time you can get it for free or very little money.

Domain Registrar

The first place to check is with your domain registrar.

Sometimes they offer this service for free you just have to set up the email forwarders. I know with GoDaddy they’ve provided 100 email forwarders for free whenever I purchase a new domain with them.


The next place you can make this happen for free is at

You’ll need to edit the MX records for your domain, but once you do then anything that gets sent to an email address with your domain name will be forwarded to where you want it to go.

One thing about using ImprovMX is that you can only set up a “catch-all” account.

That means that [email protected] and [email protected] will both go to the same email address.

You also won’t be able to make any changes to the email address you choose to forward to once you submit the form.


The place I would recommend for premium email forwarders is

It’s the one we use and for $9/yr you can set up as many email forwarders as you want for your domain name.

You can set up a catch-all account or individual accounts and not have to worry about Bobby getting Suzy’s emails or someone spelling your name wrong and it getting lost in cyberspace.

2. Email providers

If you’re wanting to have a more professional set up then the next option would be to use an email providers.

Most of the time a domain registrar or your web host will provide space to set up and store your email accounts, but the experience is not that great.


Zoho is more than just an email provider. They also have services available that can take care of invoices, online forms, websites and more.

Through their email service you can sign up for a free account and get custom email addresses for up to 25 people.

You’ll definitely need some help getting things set up with the MX records for your domain name, but once everything is in place you’ll be good to go.

G Suite

The one that we like is with Google.

It used to be called “Google Apps“, but they changed the name to “G Suite” and it’s a bundle of online goodness.

Their plans start at $5/user per month and it comes with services that let you create your own calendars, documents, spreadsheets, online forms.. the list goes on.

Definitely worth the investment.