Different Actions. Different Results.

2017 was a big year for a lot of people.

For me it was the year that I dove completely into running my own business.

I hadn’t always wanted to be a business owner and now that I’ve been doing it fully for a year I don’t know why anyone would choose this path, but there’s a bigger dream I’m chasing and this seems like the best way to make it come true.

It all started in 2010 when I was reading as many books as I could find on how to make more money. This was because I had been married for 3 years already and my wife and I just had our first child the year before. We were both working full-time jobs, paying bills, living the adult life and I just couldn’t see how doing this for the rest of our lives would get us where we were trying to go.

My ultimate dream was to start my own school and put it in a castle.

Why a school? Why a castle?

Growing up my parents were teachers and we moved around to different schools in Texas every two years. I made straight A’s and was able to become friends with anybody, but what I started noticing in all the schools that I attended was that some of my classmates didn’t enjoy school and the work didn’t come as easy to them as it did to me.

The kids that were labeled “slow” or “stupid” at school and felt like they couldn’t do anything would turn out to be geniuses in other areas that interested them when we would hang out after school. It was then that I started dreaming of running my own school one day that would let students learn about what interested them and doing it in a place where it would be easy to feel that anything was possible.

I chose to put this dream school in a castle because growing up I loved reading and learning about the middle ages with knights, kings, queens and castles. Whenever I would visit my memaw in Waco, Texas (where I was also born) she would drive me down Franklin Avenue to see the castle someone built in the middle of town. That’s when I started dreaming about one day living in my own castle.

During my high school years my mom started homeschooling us (I’m the oldest of 10 kids) and because I was able to get my schoolwork done faster I had time to follow my own interests of learning how to do cool stuff with websites. After graduation I attempted to follow the path my parents took and become a teacher, but I ended up attending a Bible school that a couple started in Columbus, Texas where they taught young people how to live an amazing life with God. This is where I learned that it was possible for someone to start their own school. And it’s also where I met my wife Sheena.

My wife and I got married on 07-07-07 after I proposed to her in front of a castle a few months before on April 1st (which I didn’t realize was April Fools Day because I had been so focused on writing a poem that I wanted to read to her when I popped the question). We tried to share the news of our engagement with family and friends, but they had a hard time believing this wasn’t a prank. I think the ring on her finger the next day might have helped.

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last year and this year I’ll be turning 33 (also the age Jesus started his work on the earth). Each day I keep trying to find the next step to take that will get us closer to seeing that school in a castle that God keeps on my heart.

It started by reading books on how to make lots of money so I can build that castle.

Those books showed me that I wouldn’t make lots of money unless I found a way to help lots of people.

So I quit my job working for one person and started a business that works for more than one person.

Then I bought training courses, went to conferences, attended networking events all to figure out how to become the person I need to be to live this big dream.

All I know is that if I want to see something different I have to do something different.

Starting a business in Waco, Texas that trains people how to make money taking care of websites is one of those steps.

Jeffrey Cannon